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Frequently Asked Questions

Children develop at different paces. We have multiple programs for children, the youngest starting typically at 3.5 years of age. Our free introductory class gives you the chance to find your child's best fit.
Training to Black Belt and beyond means coming to class twice-a-week, 45-60 minutes per class. It is not a heavy time commitment, but certainly a consistent one.
Unlike a team activity, students in martial arts don't try to keep up with anybody else's standards. Every student's training is personal, and they will reach milestones in their own time. Our curriculum unfolds gradually, offering short-term goals for students to meet and celebrate. We provide incentives and rewards on an incremental basis so that each student stays motivated in class. Also, never underestimate the power of family involvement! Your family's presence at class and at promotion ceremonies will help motivate your student.
TM Martial Arts academy is a school, not a recreational activity. Training to Black Belt is a developmental process. Students have a great deal of fun. However, it's not a seasonal sport. It's more like elementary school, where the curriculum builds upon itself, lending valuable life skills along the way. Like elementary school, each class is taught by a very well trained, professionally developed instructor. And through the process, students eventually can earn their Black Belt.
Absolutely! Fill out our form or give us a call and we can schedule your first class!
Yourself and a positive attitude! But really, wear something comfortable to your first class and bring some water with you. All minors must also be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
Our skilled instructors are able to teach classes of all sizes, small and large. The number of students varies per class and per day. Speak to one of our instructors to find out which day would be best for you!
No martial arts experience is needed! We have classes for beginner students who have never taken a martial arts class and for advanced martial artists. If you have martial arts experience, let the instructor know so that we can schedule you in the appropriate class.