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September Kickin’ Newsletter – 2022

Karate Class Structure Promotes Self-Discipline in Kids

Every child needs a certain amount of structure and routine in his or her life to feel secure and confident. Structured activities encourage them to follow a lifestyle of discipline. A well-structured environment for children enables parents to create an atmosphere of authority and respect.

When we provide a structured environment for our children, we’re basically allowing them to figure out how the world works. They learn how to deal with failures and disappointments, as well as their powers and limitations. It gives them an opportunity to adopt skills and develop positive traits and habits that will be very useful to them in the long run.

How to provide a structured environment

The basic component of a structured environment is discipline. Expectations are clear. Misbehavior has consequences. Goals are set and met. Routine and order are upheld. Clearly, younger children require much more direct guidance than older ones. As a parent, it is your responsibility to decide how your child spends his or her time, and to arrange for his or her participation in wholesome learning activities. The earlier they learn to control themselves, obey rules, and show integrity and good manners, the stronger the results will be from their self-discipline becomes as they mature and set higher goals. Freedom and trust can be earned and re-earned gradually as they progress in maturity, stature, awareness, and responsibility.

Introducing a routine into your child’s life can help him or her become more disciplined and give them the ability to face challenges as they grow older. Change is an inevitable part of life and children experience many changes throughout their childhood. A fixed routine can give them a sense of comfort, predictability, and security. Once they master a particular routine, they can go on to try more challenging ones.

Karate as a structured environment

Karate is an excellent way to introduce a little structure into your child’s life. Karate is a highly disciplined art form that teaches students of all ages, especially kids, to control their focus at all times. Karate classes teach your children to respect authority and the importance of sticking to a routine. Your child will be taught to follow the instructor’s demonstrative instructions, and practice each move with sincerity until it can be replicated independently. This kind of self-discipline repeated over and over will truly be beneficial to them in the long run. Karate teaches children that a disciplined approach is the only way to overcome challenges and limitations.


Special Mention

Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts Academy!

Jasmine Marashli, Melody Filipiak, Hailey Carroll, Nolan Fraga, Derek Maass, Logan DeRose, Grayson Barnes, Hunter Proudfoot, Rayyan Nakhleh, Sarah Cortes, Jennifer Ludemann, and Josslyn Rodriguez!


Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

Harlow Lockwood, Shayan Malik, London Viray, Justin Abdelsayed, Ryott Stechkober, and Zahran Taha!


3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament!

Mark your calendar for our 3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament!

WHEN: Saturday, October 1, 2022

9:00AM – LEVEL 1 COMPETITION, All categories

10:30AM – LEVEL 2 COMPETITION, All categories

12:00PM – LEVEL 3 COMPETITION, All categories



WHERE: TM Martial Arts Academy

WHO: TaeKwonDo Students in Levels 1-3/Black Belt classes

WHAT: Categories include Forms, Board Breaking and Weapons Demonstration


Mark Your Calendar!

September 1 – Students return to wearing FULL UNIFORM in class, NEW Fall Schedule

September 3 – Studio closes at NOON

September 5 – CLOSED for Labor Day

Saturday September 17 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting 1:45pm-2:45pm

Saturday September 24 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting 1:45pm-2:45pm

October 1 – 3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament

Monday October 10 – Friday October 14  SPIRIT Week!

October 17-20, 24-28 Belt Testing, by appointment only

October 21-22 TM MARTIAL ARTS WILL BE CLOSED; Staff and Combat Hapkido students are invited to attend the ICHF 30th Anniversary Celebration in Chattanooga TN, where Master Harrison will be presented with his 8th degree black belt!

Saturday October 29th Color Belt Promotion (No regular classes; Promotion times TBD)