black belt martial arts student dressed in gi posing with their knuckle inside their opposing hands palm

3 Martial Arts Myths Parents Believe (But Shouldn’t)

There is no shortage of martial arts myths, and some are simply preconceptions that parents might believe. Most of these can be resolved by talking with someone involved in the martial arts, or just doing some additional research.

It’s important for parents to understand that the martial arts offer immense value to children and can provide a great outlet for exercise. It is also extremely safe. Below are some of the martial arts myths that parents may be tempted to believe, but when you dig a little further into the myths, you’ll see that they are just not true. Whether you are a kid or adult, the martial arts can be a valuable activity to pursue. Here are 3 martial arts myths parents just shouldn’t believe:

Injuries Are A Major Problem Training In The Martial Arts

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most martial arts studios take serious safety precautions, especially when kids are involved. Many of the motions and moves are mastered without an opponent, and simply by practicing the motion. This ensures a safer environment with less contact.

There are many lifelong martial artists well into adulthood that have no gaping scars, or serious injuries for their time. It’s safer than many other kids activities.

The Martial Arts Fosters A Bully Mentality

Yes, the martial arts teach practitioners how to defend themselves in the event of a physical confrontation. But the idea that it fosters bullies couldn’t be further from the truth. The martial arts put a strong emphasis on non-violent conflict resolution. The values that the martial arts work to instill are in fact anti-bullying.

The physical activity and exercise outlet that the martial arts provide, serve as a healthy outlet for children. These children are less likely to act up in other ways, when they are part of a structured activity like this. It’s an all-around excellent way to learn self-defense.

Training is Useless Unless You Want To Compete Or Fight

The martial arts offer children and practitioners of all ages several excellent benefits. Kids learn valuable life skills that are easily transferable to school and home. The benefits of the physical activity alone are a great reason to get children involved.

If they are looking to compete, that’s great! But if not, building well-rounded children and exposing them to new activities can be rewarding. And of course, they’re physical health is important.

Sign Your Kids Up For Martial Arts Classes

The martial arts are an excellent way for kids to learn discipline while providing a healthy way to challenge their energy. If you’d like to sign your children up for martial arts classes, contact us today!