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Goal-Setting Techniques For The Martial Arts-Minded Student

Setting and achieving your martial arts goals is an important step for personal growth and improvement. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult, or where your experience level resides, setting and achieving your goals is always important. Below are some strategies for setting and achieving goals as it relates to martial arts.

Keep Your Goals SMART

When you set your goals they should be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant – in other words SMART. You’ll want a more specific goal than simply “I want to improve in the martial arts.” Instead, try something along the lines of “I want my next belt in six months by attending class 2-3 times a week and practicing one hour a day.” The latter example gives you much more specifics and holds you to a higher level of accountability.

Generate Short-Term And Long-Term Goals

Attaining your next belt is a good example of a short-term goal. But maybe it’s one step along the way to a black belt for the dedicated student. What are some changes that you can make in your personal life that would help you get to your long-term goal? Maybe you could improve your cardiovascular fitness, change your diet, or work on your strength training as examples. All of these things will make you a more well-rounded martial arts student.

Maintain Consistency

You must create goals that are achievable so that you can maintain a consistent approach to working on them. Regular training is essential for martial arts practicing both inside and outside the dojo. Improving at the martial arts takes discipline and a fixed training schedule can help.


Don’t think of yourself as the person “trying” to get better at the martial arts. Visualize achieving your goals, and as the person that’s already made the accomplishment. Imagine yourself executing the techniques you’re working on flawlessly. This kind of approach can enhance your focus and confidence in your path.

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