young black belt martial arts student dressed in gi displaying a defensive pose

March Kickin’ Newsletter – 2023


What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be lucky because good things happen to them often? Do some people have better luck than others? Maybe. But that’s not something we should sit back and wait for. Instead, we should work on developing Good Habits! A person with good habits will find themselves succeeding in their goals. Not THAT’S something you can rely on!

Martial Arts students learn how to achieve big, long-term goals by setting smaller goals and working toward them in succession. This process becomes a habit of mapping a path and hitting benchmarks on the way to long-term ambitions.

Courtesy and respect for others shows a sense of cooperation, appreciation of others, modesty, and community. In school, courtesy and respect can be shown by helping a struggling classmate or by not ridiculing fellow students when they answer questions incorrectly. Martial Arts students learn to be considerate, show courtesy and respect to others by bowing to greet, recognizing the achievements of others, being quiet and attentive during lectures, giving sincere effort in workouts, or by simply saying “thank you” at the end of the round or class. These are powerful Good Habits!

Martial Arts students learn to become good leaders as their training progresses by showing respect to their instructors, by learning to listen, and by being open to learning new things. This not only applies to leadership in the Martial Arts, but also in the schoolroom and in communities and social circles everywhere. So, don’t sit back and wait for good luck to come along. Work on developing Good Habits within yourself, and YOU will notice a pattern of success!



Special Mention

Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts Academy!

Corey Rosemon Jr, Carson Cappleman, Jacob Herrington, Hunter Whitledge, Alexander Lebron, Dominic Durish, Nadia Beckman, Vienna Beckman, Daphne Beckman, Remy Beckman, Cedric Beckman, Fiyero Beckman, Amy Serrano, Connor Nicklas, Dakota Strickland, Mason Strickland, Jeremiah Gomez, Xander Hernandez, Braulio Cuevos, Sebastian Harris, Michael Nikolov, Phillip Lee Sr, Connor Delucio, Heidi Ameen, and Kitai Partee

Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

Estacy Guzman, Jesus Pantoja, Nolan Lucas, Michael Camis IV, Easton Barbaro, and Damian Stonebraker


Annual Photo Day!

It’s that time again! TM Martial Arts will host its Annual Student Photo Day Saturday, March 4th & Sunday, March 5th! Photos will be taken by appointment only, so click the link in your parent email to schedule your students’ time slot.
PHOTO DAY TIPS! Make sure to wear your uniform, clean and pressed. White Basic Program uniforms should be worn with a white t-shirt underneath. Red and White/Black Black Belt Training Program uniforms should be worn with a black t-shirt underneath. Purchase is NOT required! Every student will have the opportunity to be photographed for our 2023 poster. If you would like to make a purchase, all photo products will be printed and framed on the spot, so be prepared to complete your order on-site.


Tax Time Special!

Hey TM Martial Arts families! We are rolling out our Tax Time Special! Pay the balance of your program at TM Martial Arts Academy and receive up to 25% discount!

Investing in Martial Arts training is an investment into your student’s future! The things they’ll gain….life skills, character building, confidence and leadership training….are priceless skills!!!
Hurry! Tax time special ends April 15, 2023. Call for more info… (815) 254-6141


Student Challenge!

Hey students! Throughout the month of March, we challenge YOU to learn 3 facts about our upcoming special guest, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace! Write down 3 interesting facts, and turn them in to your instructor to earn a 5-stripe for your belt. Lastly, get excited to meet Bill “Superfoot” Wallace on April 8th!!


Sparring Seminar!

TM Martial Arts proudly welcomes World Champion, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace on Saturday, April 8th. We hope you’ll join us, as we learn sparring skills from one of the world’s greatest kickboxers!

10:00am-11:30am Kids Ages 7-12 years old

12:30pm-3:30pm Adults/Teens 13 years and up

4:00pm-6:30pm “Superfoot System” Black Belt Testing

TM Martial ArtsMembers – Complimentary
Non-Members – $75 teens & adults/$35 kids.

HURRY! Spots are very limited
For info and registration, call (815) 254-6141


Mark Your Calendar

Now through April 15 – Tax Time Special! Ask us how you can save up to 25% on  your tuition

March 4, 5 – Annual Photo Day, by appointment only! Click HERE to reserve your spot

March 7 – Black Belt Prep Cycle begins!

March 11 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting @1:30-2:30pm

April 8 – Bill “Superfoot” Sparring Seminar

April 15 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting @1:30-2:30pm

April 22 – Belt Promotion Ceremony @ TM Martial Arts Academy

May 5-6 – Mystery Guest Instructor! Don’t miss these classes!

May 13 – Black Belt Testing!

May 20 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting @1:30-2:30pm

May 27 – Closed at Noon

May 29  CLOSED for Memorial Day