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The Value Of Role Models

Role models are hugely important for children, whether we’re talking about the martial arts, or everyday life. As parents, it’s important to be teaching your children character skills, and modeling behaviors that they’ll be able to use within everyday life.

For instance, dads or martial arts instructors can teach and model the five tenets of taekwondo:

  • Courtesy: A common politeness and respect for others, or behaving in a well-mannered and civil fashion.
  • Integrity: Behaving in an ethical and moral manner by showing strong character, and being honest and decent.
  • Perseverance: Pursuing goals and completing actions that may be difficult to attain.
  • Self-Control: Keeping your emotions and desires in check and exercising control in your behavior and conduct.
  • Indomitable Spirit: A strength of spirit that cannot be broken or conquered.

Role Models Show Children The Importance Of Strong Character

Our martial arts team understands and conveys the importance of strong character while practicing the martial arts and throughout everyday life. Enrolling your children in a martial arts class can be a wonderful way to teach them life lessons. But parents serve as role models throughout the course of their children’s lives.
This is especially important in a fast-paced world of distractions, temptations, and constant overwhelm. The presence of a strong role model can help provide peace and guidance in the most tumultuous situations.

Helping Children Learn And Grow

Role models didn’t achieve their position through living a perfect life. They made their own mistakes, failed, and tried again until they’ve been able to learn some of life’s greatest lessons. It’s through that perseverance and the ability to communicate it, that some of the greatest learning lessons can take place. Their examples can light the way as children learn about the importance of values and building character.

The Martial Arts As A Form Of Teaching Character

Activities like the martial arts give children another avenue for finding role models that can have a significant impact within their lives. If you’re looking to enroll children in a martial arts class, contact us today!

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