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5 Top Martial Arts Resources On The Web

It’s great to spend time in the dojo learning everything you can about proper form in the martial arts. Sometimes you may want to know a little more and find answers to common questions. These top martial arts resources should help you expand your knowledge base.

International Combat Hapkido Federation

The International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF) was formed to teach, promote, and regulate Combat Hapkido. The ICHF serves as the only governing body and certification authority for Combat Hapkido. The ICHF remains committed to both the technical and professional enhancement of members. It serves as a leading Hapkido organization, with hundreds of affiliated schools. TM Martial Arts Master Tim Harrison belongs to the ICHF.

Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

The Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame mega weekend is a top destination for health and fitness and martial arts fans from all over the world. It’s often referred to as the academy awards of the martial arts. The 2022 weekend took place in January, and the 2023 dates have not yet been posted. TM Martial Arts Master Harrison is also a member of the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

The Martial Arts Planet

The Martial Arts Planet is one of the most popular discussion forums for all things related to the martial arts. There are extremely knowledgeable members helping people to understand the discipline at all levels. All martial arts styles are discussed in detail here, from the beginner to expert level.

World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo is the International Federation that governs Taekwondo. It’s also a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations and the International Paralympic Committee. Taekwondo evolves, based on a mixture of the traditional and modern, according to their description. Their mission is to develop and grow taekwondo throughout the world.

Stephan Kesting YouTube Channel

Kesting is a BJJ black belt and instructor in combat submission wrestling, with over 40 years experience practicing in the martial arts. His YouTube channel is designed for martial arts students that want to get better at fighting on the ground.

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