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August Kickin’ Newsletter – 2022

Karate Kids Are Good Grade Go-Getters!

Martial Arts training and academic training have a common goal. That goal is to create a transformation in attitude and action within a student, leading to a successful, productive member of the community. In school, achievement is rewarded with higher scores or good grades. Training develops those qualities and habits necessary to meet the rigorous challenges of academic life that lead to those good grades. Key among those qualities learned in Martial Arts training are discipline and self-control, a sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and courtesy and respect for others.

Traditional Martial Arts students develop a discipline, respect, and courtesy through a curriculum and culture that focuses on fitness, self-defense, and self-confidence within the context of home, school and community. Often parents are asked to be involved in activities, in and out of class, to help reinforce the life skill lessons much further.

Discipline and self-control are qualities necessary both in school and in Martial Arts. In school, a student must learn to pay attention to the teacher and not be distracted in order to learn the day’s lesson. Likewise, focus and concentration is necessary to succeed in Martial Arts. Students practice shutting out distractions, working under pressure, and concentrating on the immediate activity. The benefits of this Martial Arts practice and experience carries over into the schoolroom and results in better focused, attentive for longer students who generally see improvements in their grades.

Self-worth and self-esteem develop from accomplishing goals is one of the key benefits Martial Arts students obtain. In school, this could be completing a book on time or receiving a good grade on a test. In Martial Arts, this can come from receiving an award, winning a trophy, or moving up in rank and belt color. In some schools, students receive victory stars for outstanding performance in activities or tournament competition, and for doing well in school or at home.

Martial Arts students learn how to achieve big, long-term goals by setting smaller goals and working toward them in succession. This process of mapping a path and hitting benchmarks on the way to long-term ambitions is critical to success – in Martial Arts, academic, professional, and personal achievement.

Courtesy and respect for others shows a sense of cooperation, appreciation of others, modesty, and community. In school, courtesy and respect can be shown by helping a struggling classmate or by not ridiculing fellow students when they answer questions incorrectly. Martial Arts students learn to be considerate, show courtesy and respect to others by bowing to greet, recognizing the achievements of others, being quiet and attentive during lectures, giving sincere effort in workouts, or by simply saying “thank you” at the end of the round or class.

Martial Arts students learn to become good leaders as their training progresses by showing respect to their instructors, by learning to listen, and by being open to learning new things. This not only applies to leadership in the Martial Arts, but also in the schoolroom and in communities and social circles everywhere.


Special Mention

Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts Academy!

John Brozzo Sr, Luka Del Moral, Liam McDonald, Jacob McDonald, Stevie Seneker, Jeremiah Coates, Josiah Prince, Eli Rodriguez, Christian Rodriguez, Daniel Kowal, Isaiah Garcia, Declan O’Connor, Khristoval Murillo-Gonzalez, Alondra Murrilo-Gonzalez, Adalyzza Murillo Gonzalez, Karla Gonzalez Castillo, Ryott Stechkober, Sylas Stechkober, Penny Petrone, Tori Petrone, Harmony Hayes, Honor Hayes, and Joseph Otero!


Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

John Bruzzo Sr, Joseph Duncan, Morgan Knudsen, Grayson Knudsen, Mariah McGhee, Anaid Reyes, Yemi Reyes, Yemi Anguiano, and Lazaro Anguiano!


TM Martial Arts Summer Skills Camp Was a BLAST!

We want to extend a special  THANK YOU to all the students that participated in our Summer Skills Camp! Every day was filled with curriculum training, bo staff training, a special safety course, games and team competitions, obstacle courses, and time set aside for reading.

Every day the campers also enjoyed a “Mat Chat” taught by our black belt instructors.

As a bonus, students who attended both weeks earned enough class hours to promote a belt level.

Pool day was a blast! After a morning of curriculum training, a fun game of kickball, and a quick lunch…our students spent the afternoon playing in the swimming pool!

Friday Game Truck Day was a big hit! It was a fun treat at the end of a busy week.

We hope you all will join us again next year!


3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament!

Mark your calendar for our 3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament!

WHEN: Saturday, October 1, 2022

9:00AM – LEVEL 1 COMPETITION, All categories

10:30AM – LEVEL 2 COMPETITION, All categories

12:00PM – LEVEL 3 COMPETITION, All categories



WHERE: TM Martial Arts Academy

WHO: TaeKwonDo Students in Levels 1-3/Black Belt classes

WHAT: Categories include Fors, Board Breaking and Weapons Demonstration


Mark Your Calendar!

August 6 – TM Martial Arts’ tent will be set up at Shorewood Crosswoods Fest! Come visit us from 1pm-6pm

August 9 – TM Martial Arts’ table will be set up at Plainfield Cruise Night! Come visit us from 5:30pm-7:30pm

August 13 – Leadership Instructor Training Meeting 1:45pm-2:45pm

August 15-20, 22-26 Color Belt Testing Weeks, by appointment only

August 27 – Color Belt Promotion Ceremony, times based on belt level

9:00am-9:30am CHKD (All)

10:00am-10:45am Little Ninjas (All), Basic Level (promoting to Jr. Yellow-Jr. Orange)

11:00am-11:45am Basic Level (promoting to Orange-Green), Level 1 (promoting to Jr. Yellow-Hi Orange)

12:00pm-12:45pm Level 1 (promoting to Green-Hi Green)

1:00pm-1:45pm Level 1 (promoting to Purple-Jr. Blue, School Black Belts 1st gup)

2:00pm-2:45pm Level 2 (All, School Black Belts 2nd gup)

3:00pm-3:45pm Level 3 (ALL, School Black Belts 3rd gup, Black Belts)

September 1 – Students return to wearing FULL UNIFORM in class

September 3 – Studio closes at NOON

September 5 – CLOSED for Labor Day

October 1 – 3rd Annual TM Martial Arts Tournament