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Drive Vs Motivation: What’s The Difference?

Let’s say that you have a specific goal in mind, like learning a new martial art. Both drive and motivation may play a key part in successfully accomplishing this goal. But there is a key difference between these two things: drive is constant, motivation is temporary.

The Difference Between Drive and Motivation

Drive refers to someone’s inner ambition and energy. It’s an internal frame of mind that propels someone forward. When someone has a high drive, they’re able to put forward a high level of effort in pursuit of their goals. Drive is foundational for achievement. As mentioned above, it’s a constant and it’s there to help us meet our needs.

Motivation can ebb and flow, and it isn’t as fixed as drive. It’s essentially the reason behind a person’s action. While it can be a force in a person’s decision making, it can change or evolve as a person changes. But generally speaking, motivation helps bring someone to the starting point of wanting to accomplish a goal.

Every Successful Person Has Drive

Some people are driven to accomplish difficult challenges, others are driven to create great art.

They may chalk it up to being passionate, or being a hard worker, and both may be true. However, it is drive that pushes them to practice after everyone else has gone home. To perform and succeed no matter the circumstances. They are unrelenting in their pursuit. They are driven.

The Martial Arts, And Drive

The martial arts can be an excellent activity when it comes to using drive to accomplish your goals. It also becomes easier to use within the consistency of an established routine. At TM Martial Arts, our children’s and adult classes can help establish motivation and strengthen drive. If you would like to sign up kids or adult martial arts classes, contact us today!