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  • Everyone is very kind and really care about your journey! I feel both exhausted and accomplished at the end of each class and really look forward to the next one! My kids are learning the importance of a positive school, home, and physical activity balance; and have improved tremendously in confidence, being helpful, and self-discipline already, and really enjoy classes as well!

  • We enrolled our 8-year-old son in December 2020. We have seen improvement in his behavior, focus, and confidence. The staff are friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable, and it speaks volumes about this school that many of them were/are students of the school themselves, starting from young ages and teaching youngsters now. There is a good mixture of encouragement and correction as needed to help my son and fellow students stay on track. So happy we came in for the free trial! Our son is very motivated to get his black belt, and I feel the program here will help him get there! (As part of enrollment here, they will give the students a free ninja party for their birthday. We took advantage of this for our son's birthday, and the kids had a blast playing "ninja" games.)

  • TM Martial Arts has been a fantastic experience! Our son has wanted to take tae kwon do for quite some time. Luckily through a friend, my son was able to have a trial experience and we were highly impressed. Our son started classes shortly after and we have been extremely satisfied! The entire staff is very friendly and so caring toward each student. Lots of personal attention and recognition! We love all that they do to encourage life-long skills of respect and self-discipline. TM Martial Arts is developing well-rounded kids and helping them gain such confidence. It helps in all aspects of life, from creating a healthy lifestyle to academic success. Cannot say enough good things about TM Martial Arts!

  • Excellent school! The program director is fantastic. They really care about their students! I encourage you to check them out. They are constantly growing and improving and belong to a group of professional martial artists

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