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The 4 Laws Of Concentration

We teach our young martial arts students the 4 Laws of Concentration to help them focus in class. These laws serve as a gentle reminder of how to show respect for the teacher, and the best way for you to absorb the information that is being taught. While we use these laws here in the context of teaching martial arts, they can be applied in any learning situation.

The laws talked about below are an excellent way to prime your body for listening, and show respect for the instructor, teacher, or person of authority that you are trying to learn from.

Focus Your Eyes

To truly learn what someone is trying to teach you, your eyes should be focused on them. You are setting the stage for being able to better absorb the lesson. Think about it this way – If you rode in a car blindfolded you wouldn’t be able to remember the way to where you were going. Your eyes should be focused on the person conveying the lesson.

Focus Your Ears

To truly take in what’s happening in class, you need to be able to hear the instructor speaking. From here, you need to listen to what is being said and be able to absorb that information. Your ears are where listening and comprehension begin.

Focus Your Mind

Think about all the things we’ve done in life where we were physically present, but not necessarily mentally paying attention. We see this from our martial arts students at times, too. The best way to take a martial arts course is to not allow your mind to wander as the instructor is speaking. It’s also important to focus on what the instructor is saying and not on what those around you might be saying or doing.

Focus Your Body

Body posture serves as a signal to the brain that it is time to focus. If you are sitting or standing with great posture and a straight back, you are sending the signals to your mind that you are ready to learn. If you are hunched over or slouched, your brain won’t be able to concentrate as fully.

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