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6 Ways To Improve Your Kicking Technique

Improving in the martial arts requires the right combination of strength and agility. You’ll need the capability to deliver kicks and punches with force, speed, and accuracy.
Let’s look at some steps you can take to improve your kicking technique. Whether you are enrolling in children’s or adult classes, these techniques can help.

Focus On Foot Placement

Pay close attention to how you position your feet before contacting your target. Similar to soccer, delivering a kick with the instep or the laces of your foot can generate more power.

Improve Your Strength And Flexibility

Dynamic stretches in your pre-training workout can help you enhance your flexibility. Weight training and muscle building exercises such as lunges, squats, hip twists, and calf raises can help you improve your strength.

Balance And Coordination

Powerful and controlled kicks all begin with good balance and coordination. You can practice balance exercises such as standing on one leg to improve stability.

Practice Proper Follow Through In Your Technique

After you make contact with your target, your motion should continue. This will help you to deliver full force to the target while enhancing the accuracy of your kick at the same time.

Use Upright Posture

When you keep your body upright you don’t need to pull your body away from the kick. When you use this technique, you’re more easily able to kick an opponent from close range, as well as follow up with throws, grapples, or takedowns.

Use Visualization Techniques

Mental imagery can be a powerful way to improve your kicking techniques. Envision yourself executing a strong and powerful kick with precision and power before attempting it physically. It’s more likely to happen when you do this.

Enroll In Martial Arts Lessons

The best way to learn and improve your kicking technique is enrolling in martial arts courses. Contact us today to get started in kids or adult classes!

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