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April Kickin’ Newsletter – 2024

Remember When?

Hey students! Can you believe how far we’ve come since you first walked through the doors of TM Martial Arts? That first visit might feel like ages ago, but the memories of your excitement and eagerness to begin this journey are still fresh in our minds.

Do you remember sitting down with us to talk about your initial goals? It was a pivotal moment where we got to understand what you wanted to achieve and how we could support you every step of the way. From that day forward, it’s been an honor to watch you grow and evolve as a martial artist.

And let’s not forget that moment when we introduced you to the concept of black belt goal-setting. It might have seemed like a lofty ambition at the time, but with each class, each training session, you’ve been steadily working towards that ultimate achievement.

Now, as we continue on this journey together, I want to encourage you to take some time to reflect on your goals once again. Setting fresh goals isn’t just about aiming for the next belt level – it’s about challenging yourself, pushing your limits, and becoming the best version of yourself, both on and off the mat.

But here’s the thing – none of this happens overnight. It’s about showing up, putting in the work, and staying consistent, even when the going gets tough. So, let’s commit to consistency in our practice and in our goal-setting, knowing that every small effort adds up to something truly remarkable.

Here’s to setting new goals, embracing the journey, and continuing to strive for excellence in everything we do!

See you on the mat! ~TM Martial Arts Staff



Special Mention

Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts Academy!

Tylor Jimerson, Joselyn Moreno, Harman Padda, Gabriel Yeager, Nia Ferguson, Anthony Forster, Samantha Dzik, Ella Wolfer, and Bennett T Glover

Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

Timothy “Junior” Conroy, Ethan Shaw and Benjamin Arzuaga

Tax Time Special!

Hey TM Martial Arts families! We are rolling out our Tax Time Special! Pay the balance of your program at TM Martial Arts Academy and receive up to 25% discount!
Investing in Martial Arts training is an investment into your student’s future! The things they’ll gain….life skills, character building, confidence and leadership training….are priceless skills!!!
Hurry! Tax time special ends April 15, 2024. Call for more info… (815) 527-3947

Announcement: Enhanced Sparring Curriculum!

We are enhancing our Level 1 and Level 2 curriculum to include more interactive sparring drills and skills. Skills will be “level appropriate” and are designed to give you a strong foundation, which will increase your sparring skills through Level 3 and Black Belt.
With the addition of the enhanced skills & drills, some Safety Equipment is necessary for our Level 1 and Level 2 Black Belt Club/Leadership Club members. We have put together a package of necessary equipment for you to purchase at your earliest convenience.
Purchase now through April 30 and receive a 25% discount.
Please see the front desk to place your order.

Summer Skills Camp!

Don’t miss the most exciting 2 weeks of summer!
Beginners welcome – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Accelerate your training for a faster progression to Black Belt.
Bonus self-defense/anti-bully skills.
Fun games, drills, and craft activities.
Attend 1 week to supplement current training or 2 weeks to advance a belt level:
WEEK ONE: July 22 – July 26
WEEK TWO: July 29 – August 2
*Earlybird Registration NOW available through April 30! Call (815) 527-3947 for more info or pick up a registration packet at the front desk.

Mark Your Calendar

Monthly meeting to sharpen your Leadership Skills! 1:30pm-2:30pm

April 13 & 20 – School Black Belt Testing Days

April 15-25 – Color Belt Testing Weeks (by appointment only)

April 15 – Final Day of TAX TIME SPECIAL!!!

(Times based on belt level)

MONTH OF MAY – Moms Train FREE all month long!

Monthly meeting to sharpen your Leadership Skills! 1:30pm-2:30pm

May 11 – Black Belt Testing

May 25 – Studio Closes at Noon

May 27 – STUDIO CLOSED for Memorial Day

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