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March Kickin’ Newsletter – 2024

Spring Into Healthy Living!

As we jump into Spring, the weather is warming up and we can finally get outside and get active! So this month we want to focus on healthy living. Spending quality family time outdoors can be as easy at taking a hike, biking, or kicking a ball around. This kind of activity not only promotes physical fitness but also strengthens family bonds. Involving children in these activities from a young age instills a love for exercise and the outdoors, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Additionally, prioritizing a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins ensures that the entire family receives essential nutrients to support their overall well-being. So we suggest finding ways to incorporate all kinds of colorful fresh foods into your Springtime meals.

And of course, incorporating your martial arts training into your weekly routine is another excellent way to maintain a healthy mind and body. Martial arts not only helps improve physical fitness by strengthening muscles and enhancing flexibility, but it also teaches valuable skills such as discipline and focus. Engaging in martial arts training challenges the brain to concentrate and react quickly, leading to improved cognitive function and mental clarity.

By combining fun outdoor activities, healthy eating, and martial arts training, your family can cultivate a powerful approach to wellness that befits both the body and the mind.

Special Mention

Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts Academy!

Juan Rincon, Jack Goad, Isabella Novoa, Lenox Acosta, Zion Acosta, Emiliano Gonzalez, Lincoln Apiki, April Walsh, Wesley Kaminskas, Sofia Saucedo, Mateo Saucedo, Cali Williams, Jordan Crickman, Hayden Klempier, and Greysen Bonner

Annual Photo Day!

It’s that time again! TM Martial Arts will host its Annual Student Photo Day Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th! (Saturday classes will run as normal during Photo Day) Photos will be taken by appointment only, so pick up a Photo Day pamphlet for instructions on how to schedule your students’ time slot.
PHOTO DAY TIPS! Make sure to wear your uniform, clean and pressed. White Basic Program uniforms should be worn with a white t-shirt underneath. All  Black Belt Training Program uniforms should be worn with a black t-shirt underneath. Purchase is NOT required! Every student who is photographed will be included on our 2024 poster. If you would like to make a purchase, all photo products will be printed and framed on the spot, so be prepared to complete your order on-site. NEW THIS YEAR: Custom logo apparel available for purchase as a pre-order or onsite.

Spirit Week!

SPIRIT WEEK is here! Show your spirit by coming to class dressed for each theme! We have special themed music and fun activities planned for each day. So don’t miss the fun! (BONUS! Bring a friend to class, and they will receive a special gift! Guest waivers are available at the front desk)
MONDAY – Wear your favorite Disney (includes Marvel, Star Wars, etc) shirt, along with your karate pants and belt
TUESDAY – Wear Red, White & Blue to classs
WEDNESDAY – Wear a beach shirt, along with your karate pants and belt
THURSDAY – Wear your belt color, head to toe!
FRIDAY – Wear your favorite sports team t-shirt, along with your karate pants and belt

Tax Time Special!

Hey TM Martial Arts families! We are rolling out our Tax Time Special! Pay the balance of your program at TM Martial Arts Academy and receive up to 25% discount!
Investing in Martial Arts training is an investment into your student’s future! The things they’ll gain….life skills, character building, confidence and leadership training….are priceless skills!!!
Hurry! Tax time special ends April 15, 2024. Call for more info… (815) 254-6141


Summer Skills Camp!

Don’t miss the most exciting 2 weeks of summer!
Beginners welcome – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Accelerate your training for a faster progression to Black Belt.
Bonus self-defense/anti-bully skills.
Fun games, drills, and craft activities.
Attend 1 week to supplement current training or 2 weeks to advance a belt level:
WEEK ONE: July 22 – July 26
WEEK TWO: July 29 – August 2
*Earlybird Registration NOW available through April 30! Call (815) 254-6141 for more info or pick up a registration packet at the front desk

Mark Your Calendar

(Times based on belt level)


Monthly meeting to sharpen your Leadership Skills! 1:30pm-2:30pm

March 12-14 – TM Martial Arts welcomes Grandmaster Jeff Smith as a guest instructor and inspirational speaker. Don’t miss classes on these days!

March 23-24 – Annual Photo Days + Saturday Classes will run as normal (Photos by appointment only)

March 25-29 – SPIRIT WEEK! Bring a friend!

Monthly meeting to sharpen your Leadership Skills! 1:30pm-2:30pm

April 13 & 20 – School Black Belt Testing Days

April 15-25 – Color Belt Testing Weeks (by appointment only)

April 15 – Final Day of TAX TIME SPECIAL!!!

(Times based on belt level)

MONTH OF MAY – Moms Train FREE all month long!

Monthly meeting to sharpen your Leadership Skills! 1:30pm-2:30pm

May 11 – Black Belt Testing

May 25 – Studio Closes at Noon

May 27 – STUDIO CLOSED for Memorial Day

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